The Commissioners

Henry, Born, Moyer help make Tourney a success

By Bill Carroll
New Era Sports Writer

The New Era Midget Baseball Tournament celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer and one of the main reasons for the success of this annual event has been the behind-the-scenes work of three men who … Continue reading

Aspril Remembers

Aspril says he’ll never forget first New Era Tourney title win

By Bill Carroll
New Era Sports Writer

It’s been 50 years, but Curt Aspril remembers it like it was yesterday.

Aspril was the pitcher for New Providence in 1946, the year the team won the first New Era … Continue reading

Junior Midget 50th anniversary

Tonight we turn back the clock 50 years to 1961. The Lancaster Red Roses are playing at Stumpf Field. Teammates Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle are locked in a home run battle. And the first New Era Tournament Junior Midget championship game is played at Farnum Field in Lancaster.

The … Continue reading