Some quick thoughts on the tournament

Thanks for starting to capture a piece of Lancaster County history that impacted so many individuals lives. I played for Paradise in 1954 (runner-up), 1955, 1957 and 1958. I was the winning pitcher in 1955 and 1958.

I have nearly all the news articles and feature photographs for the 1955 and 1958 finals. I still have the baseball Willie Mays signed for me in the Polo Grounds during the trip there for the 1955 teams that played in the finals.

Thomas R. Winters, Pennsylvania Department of Education official


My father was a member of the ’49 Lititz Wrens that won the midget-midget tile and then was the head coach of the Warwick junior midget team of ’77. His name: Ronald Erb.

I am hoping he can help me witn the midget-midget title with the Warwick Phillies since I will take over that team year. Nice memories here. Even through I was in the tourney six times and came up empty, this and will always be the premiere tourney to win.

David Erb